Symbols Make Words…Then I Do Things With Them.

Salve, peeps.

     I made this blog about ten minutes ago; I know that I don’t have any readers yet.  However, it just seems appropriate to write some sort of introduction post.  Maybe someday I will have readers, and maybe one or two of them will backtrack enough to find this.  Then maybe they’ll laugh and say, “I’m glad the posts improved!”  Or maybe not.  No matter, I’ve gone too far to turn back now.

     My given name is Brandon, but I kind of like “Plant.”  It has a nice, earthy ring to it.  Praise, offers of money, and constructive feedback can be addressed to whatever name you choose.  Negative comments and complaints may be addressed To Whom It May Concern so I’ll be sure not to read them.  I’m a recent graduate of the University of Missouri, now the proud holder of a bachelor’s degree in English – Creative Writing.  At this point, I’m waiting to hear back from M.F.A. programs and need an outlet to continue some sort of critical exercise until I’m back in school.  This is that outlet.

     The idea is to post interesting, enlightening, and intuitive reviews of stories.  Ideally, I’d like to read at least a short story a day and make a post on it.  Hopefully, I’ll find a reader base to comment on these critiques.  If not, I’ll just keep posting things on here that my friends and relatives can be pestered into reading sometimes.  Alongside these reviews, I’m sure there will be plenty of random blogs about things that may or may not be as interesting to you as they are to me.  I hope to find out it’s more the former than the latter.

    Anyway, introduction aside, first up on my “A Story a Day” (original, I know) series is: “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” by J.D. Salinger.  It’ll be up soon.

Vale, and thanks for reading,

Brandon (Plant)


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